Climate Fund’s investments in more detail

The Climate Fund can allocate debt and equity capital funding as well as mezzanine funding. We do not award direct grants or subsidies during our launching phase.

During its launching phase, the Climate Fund will primarily use two types of funding instruments:

  • capital loans, and
  • special investment funds and other special funding instruments.

In addition, the Climate Fund may use other types of equity, debt and mezzanine funding.

The Climate Fund does not award grants or subsidies.

The Climate Fund’s ticket size is between 2–20 million euros in the category of industrial scale-ups and 1–10 million euros in the category of enabling platforms. The lower end of the range is considered to be more suitable for digital investment targets, whereas the upper range is more suitable for facility investments and physical platforms. The Climate Fund can also participate with larger ticket sizes. However, when the company’s investment exceeds 20 million euros, the investment decision must also be supported by the Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy.

The Climate Fund operates in a minority role in the investment category of commercial scaling (i.e. the company’s contribution is less than 50% of the funding entity), and the maximum amount of public funding in the funding entity must be less than 70%.

Investment targets may include private and public companies, as well as those jointly owned by public and private partners (so called public private partnerships).

The funding by the Climate Fund must provide verifiable added value for the investment targets, for example by enabling the realisation of the project and its impact in the first place, on a larger scale or earlier than it would with funding from elsewhere.

As the company does not offer funding instruments considered as EU State Aid during its launching phase, every funding decision needs to fulfil the criteria of being market-based. In the long term, the Climate Fund’s investment targets and funding must be self-sustainable when assessed as a whole, and there must be a credible plan for the repayment of the funding.

Investing in funds is not a focus area for the Climate Fund. However, the Climate Fund may consider participation in special investment funds or use other special funding instruments – for example in situations where special investment funds or finance companies solving a certain climate or environmental challenge are brought to market – if the impact is realised on a significantly larger scale or earlier than it would without the participation of the Climate Fund.

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