The Climate Fund started its operations in December 2020 and has made 25 investment decisions totalling 182.9 million euros.


The Finnish Climate Fund

Porkkalankatu 1
00180 Helsinki
+358 40 152 7570

Media and interview requests:
Director, Communications and Sustainability
Saara Mattero
0400 114 777


We only handle electronical billing. Please supply all bills directed to us as an e-invoice to:

EDI: 003727774831
Operator: Maventa (003721291126)

Y-tunnus: 2777483-1

Whistleblower feedback

Climate Fund strives for responsible and ethical operations. If you detect any unethical or illegal action conducted by Climate Fund or our employee, you can anonymously report the misconduct with the Whistleblower feedback form below. Your report can also relate to a company, project, or venture funded by Climate Fund.

Board and Investment Council

Climate Fund’s Board of Directors

In accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act and the Corporate By-Laws, the Climate Fund’s Board decides on the company’s strategic direction, operational model and the company’s investments.

Chairman of the Board
Petri Peltonen

Members of the Board
Kai Heinonen
Miki Lehtomäki
Henri Grundsten

Climate Fund’s Investment Council

The task of the Climate Fund’s Investment Council is to ensure that the company’s actions are in accordance with the Finnish government’s goals and that it takes into account the developments in its operating environment. The Investment Council is made up of representatives from central ministries and it primarily handles current issues relating to the company’s operating environment and investment activities. The Investment Council does not handle individual investment or divestment decisions.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Member: Maija Lönnqvist
Substitute: Sampsa Nissinen

The Prime Minister’s Office: the ownership steering department
Member: Kimmo Viertola
Substitute: Maija Strandberg

Ministry of Finance
Member: Milla Kouri
Substitute: Ilari Valjus

Ministry of the Environment
Member: Tarja Haaranen
Substitute: Kaarle Kupiainen

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Member: Olli-Pekka Rantala
Substitute: Päivi Antikainen

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Member: Heikki Granholm
Substitute: Johanna Vanhatalo


All e-mail addresses to Climate Fund’s team are:

The executive committee consists of Toni Mikkonen (Acting CEO), Pia Erkinheimo (Director, Customer and dealflow), Saara Mattero (Director, Communications and Sustainability) and Sanna Ruuskanen (Director, finance and administration).

Toni Mikkonen Chief Operating Officer

Toni Mikkonen

Acting CEO
+358 40 522 3126

Sanna Ruuskanen

Sanna Ruuskanen

Director, Finance and administration
+358 50 376 2377

Saara Mattero Public Affairs Director

Saara Mattero

Director, Communications and Sustainability
+358 400 114 777

Pia Erkinheimo Director, private companies

Pia Erkinheimo

Director, Customer and dealflow
+358 50 487 1417

Jari Matero

Jari Matero

Head of New Investments
+358 40 523 2815

Juho Pirinen

Juho Pirinen

Manager, Customer and dealflow
+358 50 585 7782

Miia Jalonen Executive Assistant

Miia Jalonen

Executive Assistant
+358 40 152 7570

Malin Holm

Leading Legal Counsel (on parental leave)
+358 41 534 8830