Cookies are data stored in your web browser, such as web pages you have visited.

Our website uses cookies and other technical aids for producing and developing the website, for improving the user experience and for analysis, as well as for targeting the content that Climate Fund and its partners offer in their services. If you visit our website and have accepted cookies in your browser settings, you are deemed to have accepted our use of cookies.

Climate Fund can use cookies to collect information about, for instance, the webpage from which the visitor arrived at the website, what is browsed on our website and when, what browser is used to do that, and the IP address of the visitor’s computer.

We use the information collected by cookies typically for the following purposes:

Essential cookies and delivering services

Cookies are very important to the smooth functioning of our website, and they enable a seamless user experience. These cookies do not collect any information identifying the user.

Cookies for improving the website

By monitoring the usage of these cookies, we can improve the operation of our website. For example, we receive information about which are the most popular elements of our website, to where users navigate from our website or from which website they arrive, and how long they stay on our website. That allows us to identify the articles that users read so we become aware of the favourite topics.

Targeting of content and social media

By using these cookies we can personalise the content of our website so that we can show, for example, targeted content based on a user’s earlier internet behaviour.

Our website might contain links and connections to third parties’ websites, products and services, as well as third parties’ social plugins (such as LinkedIn and Twitter). The plugins in Climate Fund’s website maintained by third parties load their services from their own servers, in which case the third party can embed their own cookies. The data privacy declaration of the third party therefore applies to those services and apps offered on Climate Fund’s website by a third party. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the third party’s data privacy practices.

You can check the available settings for managing cookies in your browser. If you wish, you can prevent the use of cookies by changing the browser settings to refuse permission for saving cookies. In some cases, this can slow down the browsing of our website, or even prevent access to some web pages. Some of the cookies used on our website are managed by third parties, and in that case you can use the tools provided by that third party to block those cookies.


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Cookies are kept for various periods of time, depending on the type of cookie. Session cookies expire when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies generally persist for a period of time ranging from two months to several years.