Working at the Climate Fund: Aida and Taru talk about their spring as Analyst Trainees

The Finnish Climate Fund’s internship programme continued in the spring of 2023, when two Analyst Trainees joined the Investments team. The internships gave Aida Heikkinen and Taru Mustalahti a fascinating opportunity to work alongside the Climate Fund’s investment experts, helping them to analyse the potential investments. Aida and Taru are grateful for the unforgettable experience and for having been welcomed so warmly to the team. Their internships finish at the end of August.

Taru Mustalahti (on the left) and Aida Heikkinen have been working as interns for the Climate Fund from the beginning of 2023 until the end of August.

“Working at the Finnish Climate Fund has allowed me to learn more about different industries and businesses that all play an important role in combating climate change. My most memorable moment was when one of the investments that we had analysed was approved for funding, and I am excited to see how they do in the future. I am confident that what I have learned from the Climate Fund’s professionals will help me in the future in my career”, says Taru Mustalahti.

“My internship with the Finnish Climate Fund exceeded my expectations in many ways. I got to be involved in the analysis of large-scale investments and to meet seasoned experts from many different industries. One of the investments that I helped to analyse was approved for funding, allowing for the demonstration of a new low-carbon technology worldwide. What the Climate Fund is doing to combat climate change is making a real difference, and I feel honoured to have been a part of its important work. The experience has reinvigorated me to finish my master’s degree at Aalto University”, Aida Heikkinen says.

The Finnish Climate Fund wishes Taru and Aida all the best with their studies and future careers. The Climate Fund’s internship programme continues throughout the autumn of 2023, as two new trainees join the Investments team.

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Two trainees join the Finnish Climate Fund’s Investments team
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